International Corporate Law

International Product and Services Agreements

Gonzalo Law can help you whether your company is U.S. based and sells abroad, or is based abroad and sells to those in the United States. We prepare legal agreements for the sale of your products or services within the U.S. or abroad. Unique considerations accompany each type of agreement. These include, yet are not limited to, import/export considerations, Food and Drug Regulations (FDA), and other industry-specific guidelines. It is important you work closely with legal counsel on this. If there is a nuanced issue outside of our practice area, we collaborate with our colleagues who specialize in additional aspects of a deal.

Sale or Purchase of a Business

Gonzalo Law can help you with buying or selling your business. Gonzalo Law can work closely with you throughout the process. Some steps include preparing a letter of intent, conducting due diligence on the potential buyer or seller, drafting purchase/sale agreements, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations as it concerns the sale/purchase of your business. We have helped multiple companies achieve a seamless and effective process. Gonzalo Law will assure you comply with U.S. and foreign law throughout the purchase or sale of your business.

Multinational Partnership Agreements

At Gonzalo Law, we regularly work with companies who have partners in different regions of the world. Multinational partnerships have U.S. partners who either want to expand abroad, have products or services that cross borders, or have partners coming from different regions of the world. At Gonzalo Law, we have extensive experience drafting multinational partnership agreements. We ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities in a cross-border transactions and the consequences for noncompliance with those responsibilities.

Corporate Documents for Business Immigration

Gonzalo Law works with you and your immigration attorney to ​prepare the required corporate documents to include in your business immigration application. Business immigration often requires work visas, investor visas, employment-based green cards, and other immigration paperwork for owners or employees of a business. Legal counsel at Gonzalo Law has helped several businesses complete their business immigration requirements, and we can help you and your team as well.

Foreign Direct Investment

Gonzalo law can bring your business from abroad to the U.S. or work with your business in the U.S. if you seek to expand abroad. The legal counsel at Gonzalo Law can assist your company to open a branch or subsidiary in a new country​ or create a licensing or manufacturing agreement with a company in a different market. Gonzalo Law ​will work with you to drive the due diligence process, complete international legal compliance, and explain how foreign direct investment can grow your company.

Due Diligence Counsel

Gonzalo Law recognizes that conducting due diligence before embarking in any legal process is necessary for all companies. When operating across borders, you want to remain compliant, collaborate with specialists in the field, and be prepared throughout the process. At Gonzalo Law, legal counsel ​works with your business to analyze questions of law as it concerns U.S. and International Tax Treaties, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and other key regulations that ​may affect you and your company. We have helped many companies conduct their necessary due diligence which allowed for their businesses to thrive, and implement seamless processes.

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