Advertising Counsel

Gonzalo Law has supervised the regulatory compliance of multiple businesses’ advertising campaigns and social media presence. We have helped companies and individuals seeking counsel for their advertising legal needs. Some of our services include:

False Advertising

Gonzalo Law provides Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state regulatory guidance on false advertising as it applies to the usage of misleading or false information in order to advertise products to the public. Business must be aware of the severity of false advertisement as consumers can sue for damages caused from it. Protection from false advertising claims is needed for both businesses and individuals.

Unfair Business Practices

Whenever a business commits oppressive or unethical actions against the public, especially consumers, these actions are considered unethical business practices. These actions can be punishable under the law. Businesses must constantly review their practices in order to avoid unethical practices.

Consumer Fraud

Gonzalo Law helps businesses prevent consumer fraud. Consumer fraud can occur when businesses commit unfair business practices. When these unfair business practices cause financial or personal damage to a consumer, it is considered consumer fraud.

Internet Marketing
Gonzalo Law helps companies stay compliant with legislation that regulates internet and telephone marketing such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and others.  In a highly globalized world, many businesses conduct what is called internet marketing. This includes all promotions a business carries out using internet tools. Internet marketing has its own laws and regulations that businesses and individuals must follow. Being knowledgeable of such regulations is imperative for businesses that hope to conduct internet marketing.
Health Products

Health products are normally regulated by the Public Health Service Act of 1944 and Consumer Health Laws. Abiding by these laws and regulations is key for anyone conducting business with these products.