Gonzalo Law represents U.S. and International individuals and companies to protect their intellectual property. We help them understand the process and requirements. As a law firm who focuses on intellectual property, we register trademarks and copyrights at the state, federal, and international level. Some of our areas of focus include:
Gonzalo Law works with consulting counsel to provide clients who need assistance filing, responding to, and prosecuting patents. You can contact legal counsel for details on your specific matter.
Gonzalo Law counsels companies on their international trademarks and copyright registration. We work with you to protect your trademark internationally and register your trademark in each country where you want your mark protected. Legal counsel also works with you and your team to protect your intellectual property.
Gonzalo Law can help you with Trademark Licensing, which is the process through which the owner or licensor of the trademark allows another individual or party to license the trademarked good, product, or service for usage. The same process can be used when the owner desires to license a Copyright.
Gonzalo Law can appeal and respond to USPTO trademark refusals. When registering a trademark with the USPTO, there are cases in which the USPTO can deny the registration. Trademark appeals and responses serve to argue on behalf of the trademark. Additionally, our counsel would collaborate with specialized trial counsel to appeal your trademark application.

Gonzalo Law counsels businesses on corrective advertising, which can result from the courts restricting or denying a business from any further advertising practice. Counseling in this matter can help companies find alternative ways to advertise or correct their unethical or fraudulent advertising behavior.

Gonzalo Law can advise you on your intellectual property portfolio, which is a collection of all the intellectual property registered under an individual or business’ name. The creation of this portfolio can prove to be extremely beneficial as it will detail all of the intellectual property that creates financial value for a business or individual. Advisement on this portfolio is highly recommended.

Gonzalo Law can draft and analyze Cease and Desist Letters, which serve as demand letters to individuals urging to stop illegal activities being performed. These letters also serve as warnings to individuals detailing that if they do not stop certain actions, further legal action will be pursued.


We also practice in the following areas:

If your legal matter is not listed or you have other questions, you can contact us for more information. You can call 855-466-9256 or send us an email for a consult. We look forward to working with you!