Gonzalo Law works with U.S. companies that operate in Australia and we provide counsel to Australian companies that operate in the U.S. Australia is a major destination for foreign investors. In 2018, Australia was ranked as the eighth most attractive destination for foreign direct investment in the world.

Australia offers significant opportunities for foreign investment in a range of sectors, including agribusiness, mining and minerals processing, renewable energy, medical technology and wealth management. The country has had 28 consecutive years of increased economic growth. Investors regard Australia as an excellent place to invest because of its population growth, highly skilled workforce, strategic location, strong record of economic management and stable governance and regulatory environment.

For U.S. companies that operate in this region, Gonzalo law drafts agreements, complies with local law, incorporates tax planning, and understands the impact of U.S. law on the company abroad. We ensure your company is aware of international treaties that affect you. Whether you must protect your intellectual property, prepare your agreements, or analyze your prospective business transaction in Australia, we can assist. Contact us today for answers to your corporate legal questions.


Nouvelle L. Gonzalo, Esq.

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