Gonzalo Law regularly represents nonprofit organizations, boards of directors, foundations, and organizations. Gonzalo Law also provides answers to frequently asked questions for nonprofits. Review those FAQs for your initial questions. In addition, our 501©3 lawyer provides legal counsel in the following key areas:

Nonprofit registration is one of the first steps of formation. It is imperative to obtain nonprofit status as well as maintain it. Gonzalo Law can help with both of those processes to ensure your nonprofit’s success.
Each governing member in a nonprofit is responsible for certain duties. The Board of Directors has a legal obligation to follow the mission and rules of the nonprofit organization. Gonzalo Law can help ensure the compliance of these rules. We can also help with the process if members fail to comply.
If your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status has been previously revoked, Gonzalo Law can help you reinstate it. We can help file your reinstatement application and inform you of all the fees necessary to do so.
Unrelated Business Income is a term utilized to categorize income that does not generally apply to the charitable purposes of the nonprofit. At Gonzalo Law, we can help you file the necessary forms for your unrelated business income.
Nonprofits receive charitable contributions in the form of major gifts, grants, and restricted funds. All of these contributions are typically accompanied by certain restrictions. These restrictions apply to the manner or time in which the funds must be used
Registering as an International Nonprofit grants your nonprofit both international legitimacy and additional funding opportunities. At Gonzalo Law we can help your nonprofit obtain this status in order to be eligible for the benefits it provides.
The dissolution of a charitable organization requires all of its charitable assets to be transferred. This transfer can only be made to another charitable entity. Gonzalo Law provides services to help with both the dissolution and the asset transfer process.
If your legal matter is not listed or you have other questions, you can contact us for more information. You can call 855-466-9256 or send us an email for a consult. We look forward to working with you!