Gonzalo Law LLC regularly represents companies and individuals that wish to register their logos, slogans, or company names. Gonzalo Law can help them research the availability and enforcement of their trademark. By registering your trademark, Gonzalo Law will help you create and maintain a strong company image. Gonzalo Law provides a full range of services dealing with trademarks. Some of these areas of focus include:
Trademark registrations are jurisdictional and our legal counsel works to register your mark in each country of focus. This means that in order to protect your trademark internationally, you must register your trademark in each individual country in which you wish your trademark to be protected. Gonzalo Law reviews the long and short-term goals of your mark, any potential conflicts, and makes sure you have selected the most effective regions for registration.
Legal counsel at Gonzalo Law registers your trademark with the USPTO to protect your mark. Trademark Licensing is the process through which the owner or licensor of the trademark allows another individual or party to license the trademarked good, product, or service for usage. Our legal counsel can assist you in creating a licensing arrangement with another entity.
When registering a Trademark with the USPTO, there are cases in which the USPTO can deny the registration. Our legal counsel can work with you on your initial trademark appeals and responses on your behalf. If your matter proceeds to the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB), counsel will collaborate with specialized trial counsel to prosecute your trademark further.
Legal counsel at Gonzalo Law works with you to organize and catalog your IP portfolio. An intellectual property portfolio is a collection of all the intellectual property registered under the name of an individual or business. The creation of this portfolio can prove to be extremely beneficial as it will detail all of the intellectual property that creates financial value to a business or individual. Our legal counsel can provide advisement on the creation and management of your portfolio.
The legal counsel of Gonzalo Law will review your matter and can send a cease and desist letter to a trademark or copyright infringer. Cease and Desist Letters serve as demand letters to individuals urging them to stop illegal activities being performed. These letters also serve as warnings to individuals detailing that if they do not stop certain actions, further legal action will be pursued. Counsel can send these letters to prevent others from improperly using your mark.


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