Our Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Gonzalo Law LLC is dedicated to encouraging a culture within the workplace this is both inclusive and supportive. We believe it is crucial to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in all walks of life. We always work to ensure all employees at Gonzalo Law LLC are given an equal opportunity and that, regardless of their background ,each employee is respected and valued.

Our Emergency Policies

Review our emergency procedures with such events as snow storms, death, natural disasters and others by clicking the link below.

Our COVID-19 Procedure & Policy

Review our procedures for handling the covid-19 pandemic by clicking the link below.

Our Active Shooter Policy

Gonzalo Law is committed to creating a safe environment for clients and employees of the firm. This requires creating an emergency plan for any and all possible scenarios including, but not limited to, an active shooter situation. This plan illustrates how to act in the presence of an active shooter and includes detailed instructions on further steps to take depending on the circumstance of the emergency situation. Employees will also be provided with a map of easily accessible escape routes in the work building. This plan was created based on information provided by the Department of Homeland Security, the United States Department of Labor, and other outside companies who have also created their own active shooter policies.