Before employees begin shift, they must have their temperature taken, contactless. If it is abnormally high, go home and try to have a COVID-19 test administered.
Clorox wipe down the table at which you are doing work before you begin your work and right after you finish. This includes the conference room, work desk, and any other work surfaces.
Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds right before starting in the morning in addition to any bathroom visits.
When leaving for the evening, be sure to wipe down all common door handles in the office and on the way out the office.
If you are coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose and wash your hands immediately, and wear a face mask if you are not already.
DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE IF YOU HAVE FLU SYMPTOMS. If you feel flu symptoms or are not feeling well, then notify the managing attorney and work from home. Take an Online COVID-19 self-assessment test. If symptoms persist, consult with a doctor immediately to have a COVID-19 test administered.
Do not share cups or glasses unless you have personally washed out that cup or glass.
Avoid close contact with sick people and even those that appear to be healthy now that there have been confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Alachua County. When in person and where possible, be sure to socially distance and remain at least 6ft apart from others. Wear a mask in common areas or when in a group.
Ensure that you have remote work from home capabilities at all times. Even though we are now able to work in office, stay prepared. If an employee tests positive, then report this to the managing attorney in writing and via phone. Managing Attorney will IMMEDIATELY notify staff and OFFICE SPACE leadership as a matter of protocol. Employee will be placed on a 6 (SIX) week quarantine from the day they receive a positive COVID-19 test.
Limit travel plans, especially international travel. If you plan to travel, check with the CDC website for guidance and recommendations regarding your specific destination. Notify the managing attorney of your travel. Upon return from international destination, is a 2 (TWO) week mandatory quarantine to work from home.


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