Healthcare Law

U.S. and International Corporate Healthcare Guidance

Gonzalo Law assists Healthcare providers by ensuring that their contracts not only achieve their intended purpose, but also fulfill requirements of state and federal law in addition to the requirements of the state medical board. Often, the contracts a provider has with other entities or employees exposes it to more than simple administrative penalties. Federal Agencies such as the Department of Justice or the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General, as well as state agencies, commonly review the contracts of a provider as part of a regular audit. Our firm can assist you to prepare whether you seek to have active operations in the U.S or abroad.

Establishing your Medical Practice

Gonzalo Law can help you choose which entity type is right for your clinical practice. The most common types of entities include, yet are not limited to professional associations whether they are limited liability companies, S-corporations, C-corporations, partnerships or another. Alternatively, another option is a nonprofit corporation. Selecting an entity structure is an important part of your practice formation. This is because it will determine such aspects as the amount of liability each owner has, the tax implications, and the required management process.

Healthcare Contracts

Gonzalo Law regularly drafts contracts between Healthcare providers and third parties. We work with providers to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines as well as the state medical board and Department of Health.  Regardless of the objective, Healthcare providers have additional considerations in which they must be aware when contracting with third parties.  Our firm ensures that providers do not inadvertently participate in illegal fee splitting, impermissible contracts based on patient volume, or other areas that could violate state medical board guidelines.  We also regularly collaborate with healthcare law colleagues in different jurisdictions across the U.S.

U.S. Healthcare Compliance

Gonzalo Law legal counsel can assist your practice to draft a Healthcare compliance program. Healthcare compliance means compliance with federal, state, and local laws, including the statutes and regulations governing Healthcare operations, internal compliance policies of the Healthcare provider, and government and third-party payor billing requirements. When the Department of Justice and the Office of Inspector General are determining whether to prosecute a Healthcare provider, impose a corporate integrity agreement, or settle a False Claims Act case, they review the provider’s compliance program to determine whether it is effective.

Healthcare Intellectual Property

Gonzalo Law LLC represents medical providers to register their logos, slogans, or company names. Our firm can help you research the availability and enforcement of your trademark, copyright, or patent. By registering your intellectual property, your practice can create and maintain strong protection of its brand.

Healthcare Non-Profit

In addition to for-profit medical practices, there is also the opportunity to establish non-profit ones as well. U.S non-profits have additional requirements in which every healthcare practitioner with a nonprofit should be aware. Gonzalo Law works with clinical providers to establish their non-profit, scale in size, and stay compliant. Our team can work with you to establish your services in the U.S and(or) abroad.