Outsourced General Counsel


Gonzalo Law counsel serves as an Outsourced General Counsel for companies and nonprofits. This allows your company to have outsourced general counsel who regularly reviews internal company operations without the overhead of paying a full-time general counsel. Our Outsourced General Counsel services for your business or nonprofit offer a monthly package of hours at a reduced rate. This means that outsourced legal counsel from Gonzalo Law provides your company or nonprofit with high-value corporate counsel at a fraction of the price.

Our service is designed for companies and nonprofits that are proactive about their corporate legal transactions. It allows them to protect their organization while they grow and to anticipate problems before they occur. This can greatly reduce the chance of future litigation. Gonzalo Law offers Outsourced General Counsel services as a monthly package to protect and represent your business, yet companies can cancel at any time. The role of Outsourced General Counsel is to serve as the head of the legal department and to provide legal counsel for the top executives in the company. For a monthly fee, legal counsel will schedule a standing meeting tailored to fit the needs of your company. Gonzalo Law’s services include:

Stay Current with Regulations

As your Outsourced General Counsel​, Gonzalo Law legal counsel will keep your business up to date with the relevant local, state, and federal regulations. Legal counsel can provide detailed counsel in the following areas:

~ Intellectual Property: This includes work on trademark, copyright, sports and entertainment, nondisclosure agreements, and advertising counsel.

~ Nonprofit Law: Creation of the start-up, board compliance, high-value donations, and dissolution.

~ U.S. Corporate Law: Private and Emerging Business, Administrative Government responses, and Pre-litigation matters.

~ International Corporate Law: This includes assistance with foreign direct investment, creation of a subsidiary or branch, creation of service or product agreements between parties in different countries.

Develop a Custom Legal Strategy

As your Outsourced General Counsel​, we can help develop and collaborate with owners to develop and execute your corporate legal strategy. We help you stay compliant and prevent problems before they arise with staff, clients, vendors, and when needed, the government.

Oversee delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals.

We will oversee the delivery of legal services consistent with the corporate goals of the company. By providing your business with continuous legal services, we make sure that your business is on the legal track to accomplish all corporate goals.

Audit and Create Compliance Programs

As your legal counsel we can help develop and lead your business’ internal auditing and corporate compliance programs. This will help your executive leadership ensure all processes are on track.

Advise Your C-Suite

Our legal counsel will provide guidance to the CEO and his leadership team to help your business accomplish its short term and long-term goals.

Participate in the formulation of general management policy as a member of the executive management team.

As your Outsourced General Counsel, we will participate in the formulation of general management policy as an outside member of the executive management team. With the guidance of legal counsel, your business will be able to draft the necessary policies to comply with all regulations necessary.

Manage Your Team

Your Outsourced General Counsel can help manage your internal legal team as needed. Our counsel can provide as much or as little coverage as you may require. This allows your company to have a chief legal officer in charge of some or all operations within the departments. This can alleviate your executive team workload and ensure the right team members are in the right seats.

Gonzalo Law offers Outsourced General Counsel ​ services as a monthly package of hours at a reduced rate.  Any hours that exceed the set hours for the month are billed at the same low rate as your monthly package— instead of the standard hourly rate of legal counsel.

Choosing Gonzalo Law to be your Outsourced General Counsel will ensure your corporate strategy and operations are executed effectively and efficiently. As Outsourced General Counsel, we can serve as catalysts, guardians, strategists, and operators. We work to grow your business by helping you avoid legal hurdles that can slow growth, and in some cases, even shut down a company.  There are few guarantees in law, yet we are so confident in our services that if you do not see results in 90 days, you can cancel and receive a $500 refund.