Top Places to Locate a Vendor

Top Places to Locate a Vendor or Business Client. If you have recently started a business or are in the process of growing it, it is likely that you are looking for additional businesses and organizations in which to work with and from which to purchase goods. With over 300,000 wholesale distributors in the United […]

3 Reasons Having An Attorney Is Always Better than Using Online Contracts

There is a serious confidence that comes from having sound legal counsel for your business legal matters. This piece of mind cannot be replaced. Three main reasons legal counsel will always outperform online templates are as follows: 1. Your Lawyer Should Care About Your Success. For many companies, their business is a reflection of what […]

Changes in the Housing Market Since 2008? Perhaps, Yet There is Still Work to Do.

It has been nearly a decade since the mortgage crisis exploded in the U.S. and it does not appear to be over yet! While federal lawmakers implemented laws to aid homeowners avoid foreclosure, relief often came too late for many.  However, although the housing market is making a noticeable come back, banks appear to be […]

FBI vs. Apple

As the accuracy and precision of technology improves, tech companies struggle to answer unavoidable and complex questions. Whether they want to or not, companies face the challenge to find a balance between the privacy rights of individual users and the national security interest of the entire public. This is most clearly demonstrated in the current […]

3 Key Considerations When Implementing Employment Contracts

It is undeniable that contracts are used in business across the globe.  Established business owners may have considered the idea of having employees sign an employment contract. Although it is important to ensure that expectations are clear for all parties, there are three considerations that you should be sure to keep in mind. This is because contracts […]

What is the Effect of Lifting the Trade Embargo on Cuba?

The story of Cuba and the United States is headed for yet another historic chapter in its history. When President Barack Obama gave his final State of the Union Address on January 12, 2016, he announced his plans to lift the 50-year embargo on Cuba. President Obama has worked to improve relations with Cuba since […]

Is Your Higher Education Institution Compliant with Federal Financial Regulations?

 In the United States today, the majority of Americans use credit and debit cards and students are no different. Often times students receive their first card when they enter a college or university. These cards are school sponsored credit cards. The schools are required by law to comply with the consumer protection laws when offering […]

Ways to Avoid Fines & Violations Under HIPAA

Technological advancements have given rise to new issues regarding privacy in Healthcare. It is very important that organizations understand and comply with these frequenty changing Healthcare rules. Failure to comply can lead to hefty fines for your organization. The three important rules that your organization should be aware of are the Security Rule, The Privacy […]

Maintaining Patient Rights under HIPPA After The New Gun Laws

The accidents caused by firearms continue to rise in the United States. This week, the federal government has decided to take action to reduce the number of firearms obtained by ineligible individuals. The people who fall into this category of “ineligible” include convicted felons, perpetrators of domestic violence, as well as individuals who suffer from […]