Sports And Entertainment Law

Gonzalo Law has represented athletes and individuals in the entertainment industry. We have represented individuals in a variety of legal matters. We provide a full range of services dealing with sports & entertainment law. Some of our areas of focus include:

Sports-Related Corporate Legal Matters

At Gonzalo Law we are experienced in corporate legal matters surrounding sports. This includes, intellectual property, contract, taxation, financial transaction, privacy, and brand protection matters.

Privacy and Technology Law

Privacy and Technology Law looks into the regulation of information in the technology medium. Privacy can be ensured through the enforcement of contracts or agreements.

Right of Publicity and Entertainment Law

Rights of publicity refer to the rights of individuals to profit off or their own brand or name. Entertainment Law refers to the legal services provided to individuals within the entertainment industry. These two often go hand in hand when looking at individuals within the entertainment industry.

Domain Name, Social Media, and IP Matters

Domain names, social media, and intellectual property in the entertainment industry are extremely important assets. The protection of one’s own creations as well as the individual’s brand is crucial.

Sports Event Contracts

Sports event contracts create binding agreements between parties. They may detail terms of participation, or regulations that event hosts might want to enforce, as well as compensation for participation.

Corporate Counsel to Professional Athletes and Entertainment clients for their for-profit and charitable endeavors

When performing for-profit and charitable endeavors, professional athletes and entertainers must ensure they are protected and are setting regulations for their participation. Legal counsel involvement is highly recommended for these events.