Purchase or Sale of a Business in a Corporate Transaction

Sale of a Business in a Corporate Transaction

Comprehensive due diligence is essential when preparing for the purchase or sale of a business. This due diligence will vary depending on whether you are on the buy or sell side of a purchase.   Each company is unique, from sector to size to valuation and business strategy. How can both parties plan for and execute […]

Unlocking the Potential: Why We Should Care About Blockchain Technology

The impact of blockchain technology across the globe is undeniable.  This technology has the potential to transform various industries, change the way we conduct transactions, and how we manage data. Its pervasive use is notable when we consider that it can exist both publicly and privately and has uses with digital currency, NFTs, the metaverse, […]

Navigating Commercial Leases in 2021 and Beyond

By Nouvelle L Gonzalo, Esq. and Brittany George Did you know you can buy an acre of land on the moon for under $30? According to the Lunar Registry, it’s true! Well, even if lunar land is cheap, it is likely that your commercial lease is not. As a U.S. and international corporate law firm, […]

Top 10 Considerations for New Companies

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When starting a business, it is imperative to plan for success. The uncertainties that businesses face are ever-changing. However, there are certain considerations that will protect your business from these uncertainties and ensure its growth. 1. Business Planning: This will serve as a foundation for your company’s growth and success a. Gauge market’s potential size. […]

Can I edit my corporate contracts due to COVID-19?

  Yes! We strongly suggest you do. As you are likely well aware, COVID-19 (coronavirus) is an illness caused by a virus that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID–19 is a new coronavirus that has spread throughout the world. COVID-19 symptoms can range from mild (or no symptoms) to severe. […]

Faith in the Workplace

THE CHALLENGE: Often companies are interested in incorporating faith in the workplace, yet how do they do so while following legal guidelines in the areas of hiring, training, and operations & activities? RELIGIOUS LAWS DEFINED: There are multiple laws that restrain any type of screening of candidates due to religious beliefs as well as the […]

Nonprofits in Italy

THE CHALLENGE When registering a nonprofit in Italy, what are some things I should take into consideration? NONPROFITS IN ITALY In Italy, nonprofits are considered “Third Sector” organizations, meaning they do not qualify as either governmental or business organizations. In 2017, the new Code of the Third Sector went into effect in Italy.  According to […]

Foreign Judgements

THE CHALLENGE: If your company has obtained a judgement in a foreign jurisdiction, a question often arises.  How can that same judgement be recognized in the U.S.? FOREIGN JUDGMENTS DEFINED: Foreign judgements are decisions from courts or judges from other states in the United States or from foreign countries. Foreign judgements from different states are […]

Business Licenses

THE CHALLENGE: When starting a business a question often arises. Does my company need a business licenses to operate in my respective state and if so what is the process to obtain one? BUSINESS LICENSE DEFINED: A business license is a legal document that grants companies the right to operate a business in their designated […]

Client Resources

Client Service Principles: Gonzalo Law LLC operates on a platform of differentiated services. The firm’s client-centric model requires that a high level of service be the primary goal. We provide each client with consistent and competent legal service. Integrity Treat clients with respect. Ensure clients know the approximate cost of their legal services prior to […]