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by | Jun 2, 2020 | Firm News


When starting a business a question often arises. Does my company need a business licenses to operate in my respective state and if so what is the process to obtain one?


A business license is a legal document that grants companies the right to operate a business in their designated state. Typically, applications for business licenses occur after each business decides which form of business entity they will register as. Different types of business licenses include general business operating license, seller’s license, tax registration and permits, professional license, and environmental permits. Some industries may also be federally regulated and would require applications for additional licensing.


The general steps to acquiring licenses goes as follows. First, research must be done regarding regulations in the business’ area. Then, an application must be submitted, and any required fees must be paid as well. Additionally, some states may require the business to wait until the license is processed and approved to begin operating. All businesses must abide by these guidelines and research whether the state requires them to wait during the process. Finally, the license must be renewed according to the guidelines of the state, city, or county.

One example is the state of Colorado which does not require any type of generic license in order for businesses to operate. However, it does require licenses from specific industries like the auto industry, gaming, liquor, tobacco, marijuana, and racing. Another example is the state of Nevada which does require all businesses to obtain a license before operating and an annual renewal of the license as well. One of the best resources to obtain information about business licenses is the Secretary of State’s website of each state. All information regarding requirements, costs, and applications would be indicated in such website.

The regulations, costs, and requirements to obtain business licenses all vary by state and by the type of business being operated. It is imperative to research the regulations of each state when starting a new business.

Article By Nouvelle L. Gonzalo Esq. and Macarena Bazan

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