Client Resources

Client Resources

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Firm News

Client Service Principles:

Gonzalo Law LLC operates on a platform of differentiated services. The firm’s client-centric model requires that a high level of service be the primary goal. We provide each client with consistent and competent legal service.


  • Treat clients with respect.
  • Ensure clients know the approximate cost of their legal services prior to receiving those services.
  • Promote transparency in billing to clients, and if additional charges materialize, keep clients informed before moving forward.
  • Review billing statements to ensure that charges are accurate and fair.


  • Ensure that attorneys listen and are responsive to client concerns.
  • Respond to client communications promptly.
  • Keep clients regularly informed as their case progresses.
  • Discuss strategy and recommendations with clients.


  • Always demonstrate that clients and staff are respected and important.
  • Be friendly and positive in all contact with clients and staff.


  • Select client projects to which we are well suited.
  • Complete high-quality work in a timely manner.
  • Tailor work to the client’s business through knowledge of their industry.
  • Seek client feedback at the close of each project.


  • Identify client objectives upfront and work to achieve them.
  • Always work to meet or exceed client expectations.