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Career Opportunities


Our firm recruits polished legal professionals who are extremely driven individuals and thrive in a competitive yet rewarding environment.  Attorneys selected for a position with the firm must demonstrate excellent writing skills and work well both collaboratively and independently.  Gonzalo Law LLC looks for attorneys that demonstrate positive vision, effective communication, attention to detail, logical decision making, creative problem solving, and a competent understanding of key legal issues.

Potential candidates to join the team at Gonzalo Law LLC include lateral hires, new associates, and those eligible for an of counsel position.

  • Lateral Hires – Individuals who come from a previous firm with three or more years of experience and an established book of clients.
  • New Hires – Individuals with less than three years of experience in the practice of law and who do not currently have a client base.
  • Of Counsel – Individuals who have their own practice yet are affiliated with or work with Gonzalo Law LLC.  These individuals also include retired partners that serve the firm as trusted legal advisors.

For more information about available positions and when opportunities will become available, contact us today at [email protected].

Law Students – Seasonal Associates

The seasonal associate program at Gonzalo Law LLC offers law students the opportunity to experience the practice of law over a short period of time.  This program is the primary means of recruiting new hires into the firm.  It also offers us the opportunity to realistically assess your potential as a professional and a colleague. The firm seeks to provide students with the opportunity to work on a variety of cases and allow students to see what is required to succeed in a law firm setting.

The firm pursues candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds and encourages interested candidates to apply.  Seasonal associate positions are offered during the summers.  Contact us today at [email protected] for more information on the program.

Recent Law Graduates – Fellowships

Gonzalo Law LLC appreciates the high-quality individuals who comprise the class of recent graduates from the United States and abroad.  The firm provides post-graduate fellowships for those individuals who would like to gain additional knowledge about the practice of law.  For foreign legal graduates, you will have the opportunity to work on cases and projects so that you can do a comparative analysis of the laws of your country with those of the United States.

Fellowships place a heavy emphasis on writing and research.  During your fellowship term, you will work with the firm to publish one to two articles.  Fellowship positions are available for terms of six months and 1 year.  For more information about available fellowships, contact us today at [email protected].

Paralegals – Internships

An important part of any legal team is a disciplined, driven, and focused team of paralegals.  Such a team is responsible for being a liaison between counsel and clients or the clerk of courts.  Gonzalo Law LLC is open to partnering with paralegal schools to provide for credit internships for paralegals.

Administrative Support

Secretarial and administrative staff contributes significant value to a legal team by seamlessly handling all administrative matters for legal counsel.  The firm seeks dedicated, hardworking, and energetic individuals who will be able to work effectively with clients and across the different practice areas within the firm.

Administrative positions include the business support functions from business development to finance, human resources to technology, and marketing to legal development and training. Administration positions also encompass docket, library, mailroom and other services required to provide support in the delivery of legal services.  Our administrative staff is not limited to just one practice group within the firm as they are needed to provide support across all practices as and when needed.

For more information about available positions or to find out when opportunities will become available, contact us today at [email protected].